The Walworth County Sheriff’s Office released the name of the deputy involved in the Jan. 21 fatal shooting of an inmate at Aurora Lakeland Medical Center in Elkhorn.

Richard Lagle shot and killed 18-year-old Alfredo Emilio Villarreal of Janesville during an escape attempt at the hospital, according to a news release from the Sheriff’s Office.

Lagle, who has been working as a deputy for the Sheriff’s Office since May 2009, is currently on administrative duty.

Lagle was guarding Villarreal, who was in police custody after being arrested the previous night for alleged involvement in a recent drive-by shooting that occurred in Elkhorn.

The Sheriff’s Office said at about 6:47 p.m., Villarreal attacked Lagle while trying to escape, punching and kicking Lagle multiple times and breaking his nose.

Lagle deployed his Taser during the struggle, which was ineffective.

The Sheriff’s Office hasn’t given an explanation as to why the stun gun failed to stop Villarreal.

Villarreal then attempted to attack Lagle with a chair, at which time Lagle discharged his handgun and shot Villarreal.

Villareal, who was shot in the torso, was pronounced dead at the scene

“My deputy did everything he could to avoid using deadly force,” Walworth County Sheriff David Graves said after the incident. “Unfortunately, due to the inmate’s actions, he was forced to use deadly force. The deputy believed his life and the lives of those around him were in imminent danger at that time.”

At the request of the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office and the Town of Geneva Police Department, the investigation has been turned over to the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Office.

When contacted by phone for an update on Monday, Capt. Dana Nigbor of the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office said there was still no timeline on when the ongoing investigation will be finished. She said it is expected Walworth County will be updated when Waukesha County nears completion of the investigation.